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Sports Performance Nutrition Services

  • Assessment and analyzation of dietary practices, body composition, and energy balance (intake and expenditure) of athletes in the context of athletic performance and general health.

  • Counsel athletes on optimal nutrition for exercise training (match nutrition to training phases and goals), competition, recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel, and supplementation.

  • Counsel athletes on achieving and maintaining a level of body mass, body fat, and muscle mass that is consistent with good health and good performance.

  • Provide personalized meal and snack recommendations to promote achieving short- and long-term goals for athletic performance and good health.

  • Develop and counsel on hydration protocols.

  • Counsel athletes on optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury.

  • Coordinate nutritional care as a member of multidisciplinary sports medical/sports science.

  • Recommendations for appropriate pre-, during, and post-exercise fluids and snacks for individual training, team practice, and competition.

General Nutrition Services

  • Assess clients’ nutritional and health needs

  • Counsel clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits

  • Develop meal and nutrition recommendations, taking clients’ preferences and budgets into account

  • Evaluate and monitor the effects of nutrition plans and practices and make changes as needed

  • Promote healthy lifestyles by speaking to groups about diet, nutrition, and the relationship between good eating habits

  • Create educational materials about healthy food choices and lifestyle

  • Keep up with or contribute to the latest food and nutritional science research

  • Document and evaluate clients’ progress

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